Villa for Rent With a Pool

The popularity of companies such as Air B&B and Home Away that permit vacationers to rent their own homes and travel with all the comforts of home More and more people are eschewing the traditional experience of staying in an expensive hotel or resort. The customers find they can enjoy all the comforts of home but still enjoy an escape. It's no different. Istria offers the possibility of renting a villa with the pool which has been completely renovated and updated.

The property is comprised of over 700 square metres of lush natural surroundings surrounding the house This Istrian property is available for the rental of an exclusive residence by the company. The guests will be able to enjoy the completely furnished residence and all the conveniences of never leaving their home and the stunning scenery will surround them taking a vacation. The home is open for daily, weekly, or monthly.
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Villa for Rent

Istria is situated on the biggest peninsula of the Adriatic Sea. It is also one of the cities that has been divided between three nations. It certainly has a rich tradition, the most populated area of the city and also the area that houses Istria as well as the villa to rental with a pool is situated in Croatia. It is one of the few houses however, they are near enough to the resources available and the closest market is located four kilometers from the house. It's far enough that it feels secluded, yet close enough to make it comfortable.

Beautiful home with a rich and interesting history and a beautiful architecture, it was built in 1903. More than a hundred years old, it was completely renovated and modernized. The entire stone as well as the pool were completely remodeled as were the more than 300 square meters space for the garden. The garden has been renovated using rustic style to keep the beauty of the past world, but with all modern amenities and features of the contemporary world found in the house.

The Istrian villa is equipped with natural hues and a pool that gives the impression of being outdoors even while staying in the indoors. If guests arrive at the villa, they will have all the comforts of home while having fun while away. The kitchen is fully equipped in order to allow guests to unwind and enjoy the moment they arrive.

There are two components of the home. The first portion of the house is the upper floor. It has three bedrooms as well as an own bathroom and kitchen in addition. The garden is an outdoor space which is also with a fully furnished home. It is even equipped with an entrance that is private.

The second portion of the house includes the studio area of the house. Although it is located directly beneath it, it also has its own bathroom and kitchen to ensure the ease and comfort. Additionally, it has its own terrace with a garden that is completely decorated. The two homes are situated next to an outdoor pool exclusive to the guests of the two homes and is accessible to be used to offer an additional level of privacy for guests.

The villa to rent with a pool is situated in Istria is a unique method of take a vacation.
thuê biệt thự Vinhomes Riverside  With the growing popularity of staying in private homes it is the perfect combination of amenities and nature to provide a comfortable holiday or escape.

The property is situated close enough to be able to access items easily, yet in a location that is sufficiently private it is possible to disconnect and stay connected should one wish to. Both the top and lower levels are available for guests for guests to use as private villas.